How is digital transformation different from computerization, as we have known it so far?

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Digitization has significantly changed entire industries - financial services, retail and wholesale, energy and telecommunications. Under the name Industry 4.0, the digitization of industry is underway. In all these sectors, there have been fundamental changes in processes, organizational structures, human resources and customer service. Why don't we see the same benefits of IT in public administration, even though the suppliers are the same companies?

We still have a circulation of documents based on the paper world. Electronic processes also copy the paper world. Decisions must be sought and substantiated. All applications must be approved, the scope of automation is zero. The data are still largely isolated. Agendas are also payable to the department, and information systems faithfully copy this fact. If everyone does the same thing, they just use a computer instead of paper, in fact too little will change.

The potential of the digital age needs to be fully exploited. It also means transforming processes in public administration and introducing separate electronic tools and procedures, independent and unrelated to paper procedures and tools. An analogy can be, for example, banks, where the same operation is performed differently at the branch and differently through internet banking, while the result for the client is the same.

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