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Norbert Kouwenhoven

Executive (partner) in IBM´s Global Business Services
Norbert Kouwenhoven is Solutions Team Leader leader for Europe, Middle East and Africa in the area of IBM´s selected Business Solutions : Customs, Borders and Revenue Management.
IBM, being a major and global player in this industry, has organized its resources in sectors, where the Public Sector is currently the biggest sector. Customs, Borders and Revenue  Management  is an important part of this industry, with projects and references all over US, AP and EMEA. In this role he is q.q. member of the EMEA GBS Public Sector Board and involved with many major and minor projects in the segment of public/private information value chains.
He is responsible for managing and developing all IBM´s consulting work IBM in Customs and Tax  Agencies, and in the area of Public Security (Ministry of Interior, Intelligence Agencies, Justice,  Police). Amongst these tax projects in Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria a.o,
He participates as a thought leader in developing visions and directions in the area of civil government in general, at times put down in IBM´s White papers. He is author of the White paper  ´Balancing and Optimizing trade facilitation and border integrity`, on the topic of customs, ports and security, and the recent Whitepaper ´Identity Management in the 21th Century´.
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