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Marian Šimegh

National Health Information Center
Setting the right deployment strategy, implementing new architectural and security principles, rationalizing the operation of information systems using the eGovernment cloud are the priorities of the Director of the NCZI Architecture Section in the gradual introduction of eHealth in Slovakia, which is currently the largest project in state administration. Marian Šimegh graduated from the Faculty of Economic Informatics at the University of Economics in Bratislava. After graduation he worked in the private sector as an analyst, architect and later as a project manager in the IT sector. By 2010, he successfully completed several projects. Since 2010 he joined the National Health Information Center as an architect, where he later became a p…
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Mikuláš Strelecký

Works at InterWay as a senior cloud consultant. He helps companies create, design, develop, implement, test and operate private, public and hybrid clouds. He specializes mainly in Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and Cloud Foundry platforms. During more than 20 years of experience in the field of ICT, he has collaborated on large-scale information systems projects deploying middleware, iPaaS, SOA and API integrations in the commercial and public sectors. He has also worked as a technical consultant for Oracle, BEA Systems and Informix Software.
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Peter Kucer

Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic
Dr. Ing. Peter Kucer, MBA was the Head of Government Cloud at UPVII since March 1st, 2019 and his responsibilities include coordination of cloud service offerings and their usage for government cloud. He has previously completed his MBA in 2009 at the University of Reading in Reading, UK and PhD. In Electrical Engineering with a focus on adaptive control at the Slovak Technical University in Zilina Slovakia in 1994. Mr. Kucer has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and since 2013 he is actively working with and interested in cloud technologies. Alongside his responsibilities at UPVII, he is also the leader of several groups involved with the government cloud.
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Peter Kováč

Aliter Technologies
He graduated from the Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava. He has more than 10 years of experience in business analysis and project management of IT projects focused on the implementation and operation of private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. In 2017 and 2018 he worked in New Zealand to implement SaaS cloud services. He currently holds the position of Director of Strategic Projects at Aliter Technologies.
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Andrea Sedláková

European Commission
She works as an attorney in the European Commission, DG CONNECT, Cloud and Software unit.  She is responsible for privacy issues in the cloud, cyber security in the cloud, cloud services certification, obligations of cloud providers under EU legislation and extraterritorial aspects - especially US and Chinese extraterritorial requirements. to cloud providers.
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Emanuel Darmanin

Malta Information Technology Agency
Inġ Emanuel Darmanin currently occupies the position of Head of Strategy and Business at the Malta Information Technology and Training Services (MITA).  He has occupied various senior management positions and set up several different functions. He has working experience in the private sector, both locally and abroad.  Emanuel completed his studies focused on Engineering, Management, and Innovation. He is involved in various committees, local and abroad, and recent initiatives that he worked on include:  the Malta.AI Strategy, the strategic plan for the digitalization of the Malta Public Sector and the setting up of the MITA Emerging Technologies Lab.
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