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Jaroslav Jankovič

National Center for Forestry
Jaroslav Jankovič was born in 1960, graduate of the Faculty of Forestry of the Technical University in Zvolen, field of study - forestry engineering. After two years praxis in the forestry enterprise Krupina he has been working in the Forest Research Institute Zvolen since 1986. Degree "CSc." (equivalent PhD.) he has been awarded in 1992 after postgraduate study of silviculture science. Beside his professional specialization he is more than 10 years involved in utilization GIS and ICT issues in forestry. He was responsible for solution of several research projects and from 2006 he is coordinator of the project "Hunting GIS". His current position is head of Department of Inventory and Management of Forests and scientific secretary of National Forest Centre - Forest Research Institute Zvolen.
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