Tibor Zavadil

BatteryCheck, Chief Data Officer
Tibor is an expert in data analytics. He studied at several universities abroad, where he obtained four Masters and a PhD. He speaks 8 languages and likes to travel. He is currently helping to launch the environmental startup BatteryCheck, in which he is developing algorithms for analyzing telemetry data from various types of battery-dependent devices.
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  • Ignite session: Taking the mystery out of battery life   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2020

    BatteryCheck is a “battery analytics software as a service” solution for predictive battery use, aiming to optimize battery usage, prolong battery life and reduce e-waste by applying modern technologies of data science. It is a B2B service for customers applicable across various industries, such as IoT, eMobility, automotive, logistics, energy storage, power tools, smart cities and space. It is a pure software solution without any proprietary hardware, that is easy to integrate via API to connect arbitrary battery-powered devices into our analytical cloud system. By analysing real-time telemetry data from the integrated battery management systems, our solution is able to automatically detect anomalies and provide various alerts and personalized data-driven recommendations for better performance, maintenance and eventual replacement of batteries in use. For the monitored devices we also predict the remaining useful life of their batteries and issue blockchain certificates confirming battery health status. BatteryCheck is addressing unpredictability of battery performance and remaining useful life, the scarcity of natural resources needed to produce the batteries, inability of the 2nd life application and thus causing premature disposal, and a hazard to the environment from e-waste and increase of carbon dioxide.

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