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Milan Paštrnák

DXC Technology, Business Consultant

Milan Paštrnák graduated Information and Management Systems at University of Zilina, Faculty of Informatics and Management. In 2002 he finished PDEng study at Technical University Eindhoven in the field Software Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Systems and continued in postgraduate study at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University Eindhoven. In 2008 he defended his dissertation thesis on architecture of embedded systems for processing and analysis of video signal. His research work on automatized context-based video-analysis algorithms resulted in 2013 in a patent in video processing technology.

Since 2008 he works as business analyst and architect of complex information systems at telco, public and banking segment. Enterprise architecture started to dominate in his work since 2012. At that time he was assigned into a managerial role, further developing up to C-level in a local company focusing on delivering complex integration solutions based on ESB, DMS, portals and other technologies. Currently, he is appointed at DXC Technology with main focus on Digital Transformation and appropriate processes, technologies and architectures required by this domain.

  • RESS – Videoconferences   |   Medzinárodný kongres ITAPA 2015: No Borders
    RESS – Videoconferences is a project that established and expanded the existing electronic services in judicial system and at the same time developed high quality technical infrastructure for videoconferences and IPT. Implementation of this project has also enabled communication infrastructure that is the ground stone of RESS program and eJustice. The project has enabled distant video communication of actors of legal proceedings, it has decreased costs for communication inside the department for 84 endpoints and it has increased the comfort, security and effectiveness of communication. In the presentation we will show how the video conference works.
  • Big Data in Public sector   |   Kongres ITAPA 2013: Putting IT together
    Introduction view on the problematic od Big Data from the innovation point of view and the

    trend and directions of research in this area. Further, the presentation addresses possibilities of using the

    research outcomes in public sector in Slovakia and few examples of applying them abroad.
  • Electronic Exchange of Social Data in EU   |   Kongres ITAPA 2010: Tam, kde sa svety stretávajú
    Among first European Commission projects for electronic data exchange of Member countries is a project of Social Data Exchange, EESSI. The presentation will introduce European solutions as well as implementation of the project in Slovakia done in accordance with European Commission Schedule. Slovakia is technically ready to Exchange data. The question remains whether Slovakia will be legally eligible to fully participate because Slovak legislation does not allow electronic social data exchange.
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