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Javier Ossandon

President, ELANET, Italy

Born in 1946 in Santiago de Chile. Citizen of Italy. Lawyer - University in Chile, Doctor Degree - Universidad Central del Ecuador, Master of Business Administration - Turin University. He is specialising in marketing and management of international projects concerning information and communication systems. Worked in Chile, Ecuador and United States before settling down in Italy.

He was National Director of Tourism of Chile (1971-73). Has been a University Professor in the Catholic University of Chile (1970-72) and in the Universidad Central del Ecuador (1973-1976) in the fields of semiotics and communication.

President of ELANET/CEMR (1966-2005) and one of the main founders of ELANET, the European Local Authorities' Telematic Network working under the umbrella of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions. Since 1994 he works as a top executive in Ancitel S.p.A. (Rome) and Ancinet s.rl. (Cagliari, Sardinia), where he has been the Managing Director from 1999 to 2002.

Project C.E.O. in several mainstream international projects co-funded by the European Commission (IST DG INFSO, Innovative Actions DG Regional Policies, ISPO/ISAC) and supported by ELANET (1997-2004). These projects have dealt with Research and Technology Development or have been accompanying measures to the IST programme enhancing Local and Regional Government initiative in the areas of e-government and local development. As senior advisor of the Italian Association of Local Authorities (ANCI) in the field of the Information Society, he also participates in the European network IDEALI with headquarters in Brussels and is involved in different policy-making initiatives to implement eEurope 2005.

Introduction by Chairman (ITAPA Section A2): ELANET and eGovernment Trends in Municipalities in Europe

  • ELANET and eGovernment Trends in Municipalities in Europe   |   Kongres ITAPA 2005

    The ELANET (CEMR) support to local and regional development of information society is three-fold:
    - promotion of policy discussions and fora;
    - implementation of mainstream European projects and other information society initiatives;
    - dissemination of ICT solutions and projects results Europe-wide to local and regional governments through the institutional channels of the network and main European events, such as the EISCO conference.

    Through its Policy Group, ELANET (CEMR) discusses the main issues related to policy-making at European level on the development of the Information Society (e.g.: exploitation of public information, European Research Area, eEurope, etc.). The results of the group discussion are communicated to the European institutions, especially the CoR and the European Commission and to the Associations of local and regional governments that form part of CEMR.

    In Italy, the ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) is using in eGovernment implementation the ANCITEL services - an historical association operating inside the Municipality system and now supporting and promoting the introduction of new information and communication technologies.

    During opening speech there shall brief presentation of basic trends in eGovernment development on local level in Europe.

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