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Alica Virdzeková

Gymnázium Žilina

  • Beyond the School   |   Kongres ITAPA 2011: Desať rokov inspirácií
    Project “Landscape Beyond the School” provides an example of project teaching fully exploiting information technologies. During its implementation, students work with a special web application, in which they adjust the materials collected in the field research and prepare it for online presentation. During the implementation of project activities they work with a laptop, digital camera, voice recorder and scanner. Special web application provides opportunities to work with text, photos, audio and video material. Project activities not only contribute to the development of students´ ICT skills, but also develop other key competencies, encourage teamwork, support the cross-generational relations, building a relationship to the local environment and support active citizenship. Thematic focus of the project implemented by our school has been tracing the local history of selected places of the town of Zilina. The project was implemented through cross-border cooperation with the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Centre for Modern Education (SK), l.t.d.
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