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OpenMaker - why to use open innovation in the production?

Companies not focusing on innovations won´t have the chance to succeed in the market in the future. Innovations are undoubtedly one of the main incentives for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of companies. The main barriers for companies to implement innovations in manufacturing - money, time, and people – may be solved by the OpenMaker project.

Lubomir Billy will present the concept of open innovation in manufacturing and its application in the OpenMaker project. New products and services do not need to be created in the closed environment of one company, as is still commonplace. On the contrary, innovations can result from creative collaboration and sharing information between several partners, often from different fields. Manufacturing companies have opportunities, innovators have ideas. The main goal of the project is to connect existing manufacturers with creative innovators.

The OpenMaker project is an international project implemented in Slovakia by Centire s.r.o.. Building a community of manufacturers and makers is currently under way in four countries – in Slovakia, Italy, UK and Spain.

Ľubomír Billý

Centire, s. r. o.
Since 2012 Ľubomír Billý has been working for Centire, currently as a consultant. As a member of the Department of International Projects and Social Innovation he is in charge of preparing innovative projects for private and public sector clients, funded mainly by the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus + programs. At the same time, he has participated in the preparation and implementation of involving Centire s.r.o. and financed from international sources. This way, he was also involved in the LEGEND project focused on intellectual capital methodology for small and medium-sized enterprises and their partners,  and the SO-PC-PRO project aimed at innovative manufacturing solutions. Currently, Lubomir is the project manager of the OpenMaker project i…
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