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Internet of Things: We are making things alive

What is actually the internet-of-things (IoT)? How and where it can be used? Is it really sci-fi that you can control your parking spot, car, status of your fuel tank or control herds of cattle? Do you have chronically or seriously ill senior in your family that needs constant monitoring? Medical sensors of internet-of-things promise revolution in the approach to patients. Devices monitoring health condition of patients control various figures and based on it they can notify healthcare service when something unusual happens.

Christophe Fourtet, founder of the internet-of-things network, will tell you how French internet-of-things network Sigfox enables billions of devices to communicate securely and with minimum costs. Christophe Fourtet will present dozens of attractive solutions for cities, industry, agriculture, waste management or energy deductions.


Christophe Fourtet

Christophe Fourtet co-founded SIGFOX in 2009 to build a global network that is dedicated to the Internet of Things and operates with very low cost and minimal energy consumption. Before co-founding SIGFOX, his career was focused on developing radio technologies at leading technology and semiconductor companies. In addition to RF technology, his expertise includes embedded systems, semiconductors and SOCs.   From 2003 to 2009, Fourtet served as wireless hardware platform manager at Freescale Semiconductor. Fourtet joined Freescale from Motorola, where he was a senior cellular hardware and system engineer. He helped create the cellular hardware group that developed Motorola’s mobile phone. Prior to that, he served as a radio engineer at …
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