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Certified Digital Skills in School and in Company

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ECDL – short introduction and status
  • ECDL – content, modules, countries, number of participants, tests
  • ECDL is developing together with IT development
- ECDL keeps track with IT development and PC operation systems  x generation updates for ECLD (version)
- ECDL keeps track with IT app development  introducing new modules

Digital skills in European context
  • EC considers digital skills to be one of the key skills necessary for life, next to literacy and calculating
  • People tend to overestimate their skills – surveys from EU developed countries
Digital skills and job market
  • Employees report lack of work force with IT skills
  • RÚZ, ITAS and SISp memorandum on support of certified education of digital skills
- Despite ever growing presence of IT in various areas of our society, there is ever growing lack of IT experts
- PC skilled employees and their use in work   main orientation of ECDL
- Programmers and specialized IT professions  ECDL offers the computing module

Digital skills education projects in Slovakia
  • ECDL in schools – cooperation of SISp with self-governing regions (BSK project)
  • ECDL in IT Academy project
  • Accredited course for continuous education of teachers, aimed at effective use of digital skills in education
  • ECDL as the most widely used certification system of digital skills in the world is:
- Continuously updated and disseminated in line with IT development
- Run on non-profit basis
- Independent from operation systems and apps producers
- Inclusive when it comes to inequality of applicants in terms of education, age, and health abilities
  • It makes sense to look for ways how to improve digital skills of students and employees


Vladimír Raučina

Slovensko.Digital / Slovenská informatická spoločnosť
I finished Mechanical Cybernetics, field Robotics, at Faculty of Civil Engineering SVŠT (today STU) and a special 4-semester study of journalistic basics at Faculty of Arts UK. Due to my study results, I could start my work career as a university professor at FEI STU. I started my business activities in 1990 as a co-found of Datalan company. In the time, I was in all top manager roles in various IT companies, where I had the chance to collaborate with number of very clever colleagues for example at development and implementation of considerable information systems (IS of State Treasury in Slovakia and Serbia). At the moment, I work as an advisor to Ministry of Justice of Slovak Republic for information technologies. My primary focus is t…
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