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Big Data & Analytics: industry specific use cases

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Big Data and Analytics transforms the public sector: from public health to transportation to energy policy
Optimize the government through new insights.
Hear how to create more value out of your data.

Edda Otrel

Experiences: Education in “Technical Natural Science” in Austria, Master of Business Administration and Informatics With more than 20 years in the BI industry, she has a wide range of experience providing project and account management as well as developing, documenting, modifying and implementing Big Data and BI solutions. Her additional focus is Business Analysis with experience in almost all industries.  Edda is well known as a trusted advisor in the BI Industry. References: Current  CSC Task:  Build a footprint in Eastern Europe for Big Data & Analytics.  Develop CSC offerings for BI strategy and Big Data & Analytics/BI for Oil & Gas sector. Current project :  Red Bull: Support the build of a reporting framework architectur…
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