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Project Europeana in Slovak National Library

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Presentation focuses on the EuropeanaTravel project in the context of participation of the Slovak National Library on its implementation and the core project of Europeana as a single access point to the cultural heritage of European libraries, museums and archives. EuropeanaTravel is a Targeted project within the area of “Digital Libraries” of the European Commission`s eContentplus Programme. Its main goal is digitisation of cultural heritage materials relating to the theme of travel and tourism. A secondary objective is the creation of service for aggregation of content from the Europe`s research libraries of LIBER to Europeana. The presentation also informs of project`s partners, achieved and planned results and illustrations of SNK`s contribution.

Katarína Krištofová

Slovenská národná knižnica
Katarína Krištofová was born in 1979. After graduation at the Economic university in Bratislava in 2002 (Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of International Relations) she was rewarded a PhD. degree in the Regional policy of the EU in 2008. Between 2002 and 2005 she worked for IBM ISC Ltd. in Bratislava, Slovak republic. She started to work for the Slovak National Library in Martin as a project manager in 2005 and has been implementing a number of national and European projects (e.g. Public Internet in Libraries of the Slovak republic, Information for Innovations, Slovak Digital Library, TEL-ME-MOR, TELplus, EDLnet, Europeana v1.0,EuropeanaTravel). From January 2008 she has been the Head of the Slovak Digital Library Department of the Slo…
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