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APT attacks in Europe

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Over the past year, a number of significant APT attacks have been uncovered, affecting countries across the European continent - from France to Eastern Europe and the Balkans - and across a wide range of organizations - from government and military institutions to private companies. Here are some examples, including XDSpy, an APT group that has been hiding for up to nine years, and Sandworm, one of the most dangerous APT groups in history. The SolarWinds hack shook the IT security scene, so let's look at the role of the so-called supply-chain attacks in the attackers' repertoire.

Robert Lipovský

Robert Lipovsky is Senior Malware Researcher in ESET’s Security Research Laboratory, with more than 10 years’ experience in cybersecurity. He is responsible for malware intelligence and analysis and leads the Malware Research team in ESET’s HQ in Bratislava. He is a regular speaker at security conferences, including Black Hat USA, RSA, Virus Bulletin, Hacktivity, and AVAR. He runs reverse engineering courses at the Slovak University of Technology, his alma mater, and at Comenius University. When not bound to a keyboard, he enjoys traveling, playing guitar and flying an airplane.
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