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Digitization for better healthcare for the benefit of the patient

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The existence of large amounts of data in healthcare brings a critical group of those that are key. These in turn simplify the work of health professionals and at the same time improve health care. As is the case, for example, with electronic prescription.

Innovative services and digitization have unlocked the possibilities of providing more efficient and targeted healthcare. Value-added services for the benefit of the patient and with the aim of increasing quality and efficiency are the right tool for reducing costs and improving the healthcare provided.

What happens when a doctor enters information into the system? For example, if he prescribes a prescription with a drug, a seemingly simple transfer of information to a central repository occurs. This is then available at the pharmacy. However, simplicity is only apparent, because along the way this information reaches many places where it is processed and especially checked and evaluated. This will, of course, be done electronically and automatically. Expert systems and many other control mechanisms will be used, among others. The result is - more efficient use of resources for safer drug treatment. Once this benefit became widely known, especially among physicians, electronic prescriptions covered MORE THAN 90% of all prescriptions.


Tomáš Rohožka

Asseco Central Europe
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