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Statutes of V4 ITAPA Award


ITAPA in cooperation with its V4 partners (EPMA - European projects and management agency, Silesian ICT Cluster, eDemokrácia Műhely Egyesület) announces V4 ITAPA Award for the best smart city and innovative services for citizens and businesses projects in the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). The aim of this Award is to highlight the best and most innovative projects in the V4 countries that deserve recognition and can be a good inspiration for others. The aim is also to foster knowledge sharing and cooperation among the Visegrad countries. 

Project eligibility

V4 ITAPA Award is for projects that use information and communication technologies to contribute to better governance, provision of public services and quality of life in a broader sense. Eligible projects are:
  • Projects that provide new electronic services for citizens and businesses and make public institutions more transparent, more responsive and more efficient.   
  • Projects that bring better quality of health care or social care such as better and faster diagnosing, better therapy, better prevention programs or more efficient health care in general. 
  • Projects that modernize educational systems, make education more attractive and fit for individual needs of students.
  • Projects that deal with any issue on the national level using ICT in an innovative way. The examples include projects that focused on environmental protection, crisis and disaster management, smart transportation, smart grids, etc. 
  • Projects that focus on making municipalities smarter, more efficient and more participative
Every project must be already implemented and its impact must be tangible.

Project application

Projects can be proposed by anyone from the public (on the basis of the call published on the website of ITAPA). Projects can also be proposed by a jury member. Jury member can propose up to three projects from his or her respective country that will represent that country in V4 ITAPA Award. Jury member cannot evaluate the projects that he or she has proposed.

If you wish to participate in the V4 ITAPA Award fill in this application form and send it at itapa@itapa.sk. You will receive confirmation of your submission.

Deadline for submission of your projects is 19th October, 2017.

Project evaluation

Projects will be evaluated by the jury.

 Projects will be evaluated in 3 main areas:
  • Project goal: clarity of the goal, the relevance of the project for the target group/groups, the size of the target group/groups
  • Project impact: whether the project has substantial impact on and value added for the target group/groups as well as how it increases effectiveness of procedures and processes covered by the project
  • Project innovation level: is the project innovative, inspiring and creative
Every member of the jury will evaluate projects from other three countries, not from his or her respective country.  A jury member has 10 preferential points, which he or she can distribute among all the evaluated projects, up to three points can be attributed to one particular project. The sum of all the preferential points from all the jury members sets the ranking of the projects. The V4 ITAPA Award winner will be the project with most attributed preferential points.

The Jury

The V4 ITAPA Award has jury consisting of 4 members. Members of jury are appointed by the announcer of the Award and by the partners. Every entity appoints one member.

The Award

The winner will be announced at the ITAPA distinction award ceremony 14th November 2017 in Bratislava.

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