Radoslav Repa

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investments and Informatization

Radoslav Repa started his professional career as a civil servant in the Government Office of the Slovak Republic where he later worked as a Director of the Department for Electronic and Network Services, mostly focusing on network management of the principal governmental network „Govnet“ and the Central Digital Portal of Public Administration providing electronic services for citizens and businesses, which he helped to launch in 2006. Then he served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a consultant for corporate IT systems development and ICT structural funds manager. From early 2009 he has been working in the Slovak Permanent Representation in Brussels as a digital and cyber attaché, advocating the national interests and negotiating the agreed positions on strategies and legislation with the EU representatives and other Member States. During the Slovak Presidency in the Council he chaired two working groups, one on telecommunications and information society and second on cyber issues. He also succeeded in adopting a strong mandate for the newly created Council´s cyber group focusing on all horizontal perspectives including legislation. Among other things, Mr. Radoslav Repa can share his expertise in industrial property and state aid policies. At present he focuses on final delivery of the Digital Single Market Strategy initiatives as well as the Slovak Digital Transformation Strategy by 2030. He has been appointed as an Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister for Digital Single Market as well.

  • Introductory speech of chairman   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

  • DISCUSSION: Round table   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

  • Digital transformation of Slovakia   |   Jarná ITAPA 2019

    The presentation will follow the opening speech of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization and will focus on key aspects and priority activities / topics of the Government of the Slovak Republic approved 7 May 2019. Strategies for Digital Transformation of Slovakia 2030 is a supra-governmental government strategy that defines policy and specifically Slovakia in the context of the ongoing digital transformation of the economy and society under the influence of innovative technologies and global megatrends of the digital era.

    The strategy covers the period from 2019 to 2030 and was created in the framework of the ongoing and partially managed digitization processes and the Digital Single Market agenda of the European Union, as well as in the context of global digital transformation priorities. The strategy puts emphasis on current innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G technology, big data and analytical data processing, blockchain and supercomputers that will become the new engine of economic growth and competitiveness.

    The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatization as the central state administration body for the area of informatization of society, including the creation of single digital market policies, is the main coordinator of this strategy and is responsible for its implementation in coordination and cooperation with other central state administration offices.

    The topic of digital transformation of Slovakia will continue with the discussion panel Digital Transformation of Slovakia, where a number of top Slovak experts will discuss specific areas / individual priorities of the implementation of the presented strategy.