Róbert Babeľa

Biomedical Center SAV

Mr. Babeľa is teacher at college and also works as a healthcare expert in the field of evaluation of healthcare technologies since 2008. He graduated at the Trnava University of Trnava, at Open University Business School, London, UK, and at Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK. He has authored and co-authored more than 150 publications at home and abroad, and acquired practical skills during his more than 19 years of work in various healthcare positions. Prof. PhDr. Róbert Babeľa, PhD., MBA, is a member of the Board of the Council of the Universities of the Slovak Republic, a member of the Standing Working Group of the Accreditation Commission, Editor-in-Chief of the International Healthcare Journal, a member of several editorial boards or professional societies. He is currently working also on projects that are related to the quantification of actual direct and indirect costs from a payer perspective for a selected diagnosis in the Slovak Republic.

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